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Bridgerdon Abbey

By Butch Maxwell
and Bert Furioli


The Time: 1836
The Place: The grand estate home of the late Earl of Duke, Lord Bridgerdon, in the village of Bumford-on-Anon, in the county of Bumsteadfordshire, England.

After Lady Bridgerdon died of an unfortunate corset explosion, Lord Bridgerdon insisted on being a pall bearer. While carrying the coffin, he tripped and fell, causing the other pall bearers to drop Lady Bridgerdon’s coffin on top of her husband, killing him.

The estate was passed on to Bridgerdon’s thrice-widowed sister, Dame Arabella Thistlewhistle, whose daughter from her first marriage, Penelope, has been holed-up at the estate property, preferring to spend her days riding horses to socializing with people.

But Bridgerdon Abbey has fallen upon hard times. Unless something is done immediately, all will be lost!

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Original Run: January - March 2023

Last updated: March 27, 2024