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Michael Moran as Popguy Michal Moran as Popguy

Popguy - The squinty-eyed sailor who adores Olive and is chemically dependant on spinach.
Meghan Ross as Olive MohylMeghan Ross as Olive
Olive Mohel
– Popguy's sweetheart and caretaker of baby Sweat Pea.
Evan Osulnd as BrutoEvan Oslund
– Popguy's rival for Olive's affection.
Dustin Heavilin as GimpyDustin Heavilin
Gimpy –
A connoisseur of fine hamburgers, Gimpy is Popguy’s friend. Well, he’s a friend to anyone who will lend him money for food.
Butch Maxwell as Sea NagSea Nag
The Sea Nag
– She's a villain. What can we say?

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Last updated: January 23, 2020