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How the West Was Dumb Michael Moran as the Cheeto Bandito Bandito sings Mild Bill entrance Mild Bill's match Bert Furioli as Mild Bill Hiccup match strike Match lit Cigar lit Joan shoots Bandito Fleeced Navidad Roger entrance Calamity Joan bragging Butch Maxwell as Roger Rodgers River City September 26, 2014 Renee Zelinski as Calamity Joan Joan intimidates RogerJoan threatens Roger Roger with Ryan Sears as Tortonto Calmity Joan Joan shoots a patron Toronto Toronto speaks Toronto and Roger Rodgers Tornoto introduction Roger on his very small horseOn a smal horse I ride Hiccup and Bandito count their loot Villians count their loot River City September 26, 2014 Joan ambushes the outlaws Wedgie! Joan gives them wedgies Bandito turns the tables on Joan Roger "tricks" Toronto into tracking the outlaws Toronto resolves to help Stalk like an Indian Toronto does a spirit dance River City September 26, 2014 Roger tries to help Toronto's "noble savage" dance Toronto stalks like an Indian Roger thinks Toronto is "an Indian giver." Toronto watches as Roger transforms into the Alone Ranger The Alone Ranger The outlaws prepare to blow Joan up with dynamite River City September 26, 2014 Roger to the rescue? Wild Wild West Dustin as the Bandito Vera as Calamity Joan Wild Wild West Wild West song Bandito and Hiccup escape Joan back from the mine The Alone Ranger Joan emerges from the mine shaft Joan emerges from the mine Banditio sobs Hiccup tips a cow Cow tipping Bandito tires Toronto and Roger pretend to be trees Act like a tree! Joan catches the outlaws again Bandito runs out of ammo Toronto's allegience is in question Roger declares a shoot-out River City September 26, 2014 Final song I stabbed the Sheriff Production numer The last shot

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Last updated: November 251, 2014