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How the West Was Dumb

Butch Maxwell as Roger Rodgers Bert Furioli as Mild Bill Hiccup Michael Moran as the Cheeto Bandito
Marshal Roger Rodgers – His record is impeccable, except for an unresolved misdemeanor charge in Wyoming for double-parking his horse. He won a trick shooting contest when he accidentally shot all the other contestants.

Mild Bill Hiccup – He keeps a Derringer in his vest pocket, a knife in his boot and a rocket in his pocket.

The Cheeto Bandito
– He tricked immigration by crossing the border by walking backward.

Ryan Sears as Toronto Renee Zelinski as Calamity Joan
– He lost his job at Ticketmaster when he started scalping.

Calamity Joan – She once wrestled a bear that tried to stop her from starting a forest fire.  

The Cast:
The Cheeto Banditio: Michael Moran
Mild Bill Hiccup: Bert Furioli
Roger Rodgers: Butch Maxwell
Calamity Joan: Renee Zelisnki
Toronto: Ryan Sears

The Cheeto Banditio: Dustin Heavilin
Calamity Joan: Vera Barton-Caro

Cast with Vera Barton-Caro as Calamity Joan

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Last updated: November 11, 2014