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Known to many friends as Scooter, he is a local filmmaker and was principal actor in first-run shows such as - "Mayberry R.I.P." "My Big Fat Reality Wedding" and "Last Kill and Testment", and he has been a primary understudy since 2008. He has also been the company's most frequent Santa Claus in a variety of revivals of various "Slay Ride" productions. (After 2019, he retired from playing Santa.)

Dustin Heavilin

Goober Hank Rhodes Dustin Heavilin as Dr. WatsonColon DijonxSanta 2012 Bandito Coach Krunk Snooty Dustin Heavilin as Calude Hammer Madame Mesmer Popov Smirnoff Jethro Bovine Ernie Schmendrick x Dustin Heavilin as Santa Dustin Heavilin as Emeril LaGrossie Sid Geaser

His Mystery Theatre credits

As a principal actor (in a first-run show):

Goober ~ Mayberry R.I.P. (2010, 2013, 2015)
Popov Smirnoff ~ Johnny B. Dead (2015, 2021)
Mary Sweeny Todd (Snooty) Kerry ~ My Big Fat Reality Wedding (2017)
Ernie Schmendrick ~ Last Kill and Testament (2017)
Gimpy ~ Popguy the Sailor Man (2019)
Uncle Santa ~ A Very Hellmark Chrsitmas Special (2022)

As an understudy:

Sid Geaser ~ Murder at the Kit Kat Klub (2008)
Professor Werner Van Braun ~ Mind Over Murder (2009)
Emeril LaGrossie ~ Who Killed the Top Chef? (2012)
Coach Krunk ~ Dead of the Class (2013)
Madame Mesmer ~ The Calmityville Horror (2013)
Hector Barbasol ~ The Pirates of Poughkeepsie (2014)
Cheeto Banditio ~ How the West Was Dumb (2014)
Jack Storm ~ Johnny B. Dead (New Year's Eve 2015)
Thugsy ~ Speakeasy, Die Hard (20th Anniversay Edition) (2016)
Scary Godmother ~ Happily Never After (2023)

As a principle actor in a revival:

Santa Claus ~ Slay Ride IV: Revenge of the Claus (2008)
Santa Claus ~ Slay Ride III: Elliot Brick's Case of the Femme Fatale (2009)
Santa Claus ~ Slay Ride II (2012)
Santa Claus ~ Slay Ride 4: Revenge of the Claus (2013)
Santa Claus ~ Slay Ride 5 - CSI: North Pole (2014)
Santa Claus ~ Slay Ride 6 - Santa's Last Christmas (2015)
Jethro/Jethrene Bovine ~ The Capitol Hillbillies (2016)
Gentleman 3/Jacob Marley/Belle/Tiny Tim ~ A Deadly Christmas Carol (2016)
Dr. Watson ~ Dr. Jackal and Mr. Hype (2017)
Santa Claus ~ Slay Ride (2017)
Hank (Rocky) Rhodes ~ Murder on the Luv Boat (2018)
Claude Hammer ~ Murder at the Kit Kat Klub (2018)
Mild Bill Hiccup ~ How the West Was Dumb (2021)
Tooth Fairy ~ Slay Ride IV: Revenge of the Claus (2021)
Sir Harry Proctor-Gamble-Smythe ~ Indiana Smith and the Restaurant of Doom (2021-22)
Lug ~ Mind Over Murder (2022)
Mr. Gulp/Wicked Witch ~ The Wizard of Odds (2022)
Jim Yelps ~ Mission: Unpossible (2023)
Svetlana Tickov ~ Indiana Smith and the Raiders of the Lost Sequel (2023)
Colonol Dijon ~ The Maltese Ferret (2023)
Rudy (Jr.) the Reindeer ~ Slay Ride Five - CSI: North Pole (2023)
Mrs. Shepherd-Boggs-Zane ~ Overture for an Undertaker (2024)

  Dustin Heavilin as Santa Claus