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Dr. Jackal and Mr. Hype

by Butch Maxwell and Bert Furioli

As legendary detective Sheerluck Holmes and Dr. Watson try to capture notorious serial killer Jack the Ripper, they discover strange researcher, Dr. Henry Jackal, who, with his sinister hunch-backed assistant, is trying to develop a formula to cure Jackal's patient, Prudence, of her multiple personality disorder.

"Dr. Jackal" Cast

The Cast:
Dr. Henry Jackal: Michael Moran
Prudence Prissywood: Renee Zelenski
Ratso: Ryan Sears
Sheerluck Holmes: Butch Maxwell
Dr. Watson: Bert Furioli (original run) Dustin Heavilin (2017)

Meet the Characters | Scenes from Dr. Jackal & Mr. Hype | Audience photos | Extended Video Highlights

Original Run: September - November 2011 - Revived July 2017

Last updated: July 21, 2017