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Co-author of 49 shows, he joined the company in spring of 2000 and was principal actor in 43 shows. While he no longer performs regularly with the company, he is still co-author of all original shows.

Bert Furioli

...Co-creator, with Bob Athey and Butch Maxwell, the early 1980s West Liberty State College comedy group The Generic Players, and then, with the same conspiritors, in the late 1990s, Company B, at the Cornerstone Project. He is also a member of Oglebay Institute's Towngate Theatre's improv troupe, The Left of Centre Players.

Perry Normal Sir John Feelgood Skippy Wicket Witch Sheriff Andy Jailor BongoChuckie Brown Chef O-Boy-R-DeeTom Bastic Milburn Dripdrysdale The County Coroner

He appeared in "Suburban Garden" at ITC in April of 2009. He appeared in 1997 as Peter Quince in Cornerstone's production of William Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Nights Dream" and in the Cornerstone's 2000 production of "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum."

MonsterDr. Phil RottenRatsoTank HughesBarney Colander Jethro Scary Godmother
He is also well-known as a former local talk show sidekick on a couple of AM radio stations.

BarbasolJames CharvilleSvetlanaOdd SterlingCranky the ClownOdd Sterling Jethrene Manny Claus Mr. Bowell

With Butch Maxwell, he is co-author of "The Calamityville Horror," "The Capitol Hillbillies," "The Case of the Ms. and the Show Biz Whiz," "Coleslaw & Order," "Dead of the Class,""A Deadly Christmas Carol" "DOA in the Y2K," "E.A.T. (The Extra Added Terrestrial)," "Elliot Brick's Case of the Maltese Ferret," "Happily Never After," "Happiness Is a Warm Gun," "How the West Was Dumb," "I Killed Lucy ," "Indiana Smith and the Raiders of the Lost Sequel, " "Indiana Smith and the Restaurant of Doom, " "Johnny B. Dead," "Kill Phil," "Last Kill and Testament," "Mayberry R.I.P.," "The Menace of the Super-Duper Party Pooper, " "Mind Over Murder," "Mission: Unpossible," "Murder at the Kit Kat Klub, " "Murder in the Mansion Museum, " "Murder on the Luv Boat, " "Murder Under the Big Top, " "My Big Fat Reality Wedding," "Nothing Much About Doo-Doo," " Once Upon a Crime," "One Life to Lose," "Overture for an Undertaker," "The Pirates of Poughkeepsie," "Rock 'em Dead," "Slay Ride: Rudolph the Dead-Nosed Reindeer, " "Slay Ride 2: Fright Christmas, " "Slay Ride III: The Case of the Santa Sham Scam," "Slay Ride IV: Revenge of the Claus," "Slay Ride V: CSI North Pole" "Slay Ride Six: Santa's Last Christmas," "Star Bores" "The Strange Case of Dr. Jackal and Mr. Hype," "Survivor on Killigan's Island, " "Tales from the Script," " "Who Wants to Murder a Millionaire?" "Who Killed the Top Chef?" "Wizard of Odds," and "You're a Dead Man, Chuckie Brown," plus script doctor for several other shows.

Cheap ThroatHarveyMorey SchwartzmeyerFrosty D. SnowmanMcGuffinBarney N. Bailey Mrs. CadaverTyler Thwart

His Mystery Theatre credits

As principal actor:

Vishnu Withu ~ Happiness Is a Warm Gun (1997)
McGuffin ~ Murder in the Mansion Museum (1998 and 2005)
Harry Who ~ License to Spy (2000)
Tom Bastic ~
Who Wants to Murder a Millionaire? (2000)
Mr. Spork ~
Space Trek (2001 and2002)
Rotten ~
The Menace of the Super Duper Party-Pooper (2001, 2006)
Odd Sterling ~ One Upon a Crime (2001, 2004, 2008, 2011, 2012)
Manny Claus ~ Slay Ride III ( 2001, 2002 and 2009)
Skippy ~ Survivor on Killigan's Island (2002)
Tyler Thwart ~ One Life to Lose (2002)
Perry Normal ~ E.A.T. (The Extra Added Terrestrial (2003)
Ratso ~ Indiana Smith and the Restaurant of Doom (2003)
Boris Kissoff ~ Tales from the Script (2003, 2004, 2007, 2010)
Tooth Fairy ~ Slay Ride IV (2003, 2004 and 2008)
Rocky Rhodes ~ Murder on the Love Boat (2004, 2006, 2008)
Jethro and Jethrene Bovine~ The Capitol Hillbillies ( 2004, 2007)
Colonel Ketchup ~ Elliot Brick's Case of the Maltese Ferret ( 2005, 2006, 2012)
Cranky the Clown ~ Murder Under the Big Top ( 2005)
Joe Friedegg ~ Slay Ride Five - CSI: North Pole (2005 and 2007)
Claude Hammer ~ Murder at the Kit Kat Klub (2006, 2008)
Mr. Gulp/Wicked Witch ~ Wizard of Odds (2006, 2008)
Fred Hurtz ~ I Killed Lucy (2007, 2009)
Harvey Brashman ~ Nothing Much About Doo-Doo (2007, 2009, 2015)
Chuckie Brown ~ You're a Dead Man, Chuckie Brown (2007)
Dr. Phil ~ Kill Phil (2008, 2011)
Sir Harry ~ Indiana Smith and the Raiders of the Lost Sequel (2008, 2012)
James Charville/County Coroner/Cheap Throat ~ Coleslaw & Order (2009, 2012)
Lug ~ Mind Over Murder (2009)
Andy ~ Mayberry R.I.P. (2010, 2013, 2015)
Morey Schwartzmeyer ~ Rock 'em Dead (2010)
Tooth Fairy ~ Slay Ride Six: Santa's Last Christmas (2010, 2015)
Hector Barbasol ~ The Pirates of Poughkeepsie (2011, 2014)
Dr. Watson ~ The Strange Case of Dr. Jackal and Mr. Hype (2011)
Bob Cratchit/Ghost of Past ~ A Deadly Christmas Carol (2011)
Chef O-Boy-R-Dee ~ Who Killed the Top Chef? (2012)
Barney Colander ~ Mission: Unpossible (2012-13)
Tank Hughes ~ Dead of the Class (2013)
Mrs. Cadaver ~ The Calamityville Horror (2013)
McGuffin ~ Overture for an Undertaker (2014)
Mild Bill Hiccup ~ How the West Was Dumb (2014)
Scary Godmother ~ Happily Never After (2015)
Bongo ~ Johnny B. Dead (2015)
Emperor Palipitation ~ Star Bores (2016)

As an understudy:

Charlie Blind Eagle ~ Shoot-Out at the Double U Dude Ranch (1997)
Chuck George ~
IIl Morte diFigaro (1998)
Cookie ~
Avast Ye Murderous Swabs (1999)
Sir John Feelgood ~
The Case of the Ms. and the Show Biz Whiz (1999)
The Sheriff of Nottingham ~
Damn! Damn! That Rotten Old Nottingham (2000)
Michael Obits ~
The Case of the Ms. and the Show Biz Whiz (2000)
Barney N. Bailey ~
Murder Under the Big Top (2005 and 2009)

In revival:

Tooth Fairy ~ Slay Ride (1997 and 2000)
Frosty D. Snowman ~
Slay Ride II: Screaming All the Way (2000, 2012)
Svetlana Tickov ~
Indiana Smith and the Restaurant of Doom (2007)
Sir Harry ~
Indiana Smith and the Restaurant of Doom (2007)
Carey McDonald ~ One Life to Lose (2009)
Percy Q. Tedman ~ Salon, Farewell, Auf Weidersehen, You're Dead (2010)
Frank Cannon ~ Slay Ride V - CSI: North Pole (2014)
Thirsty Bowell III ~ Survivor on Killigan's Island (2015)
Milburn Dripdrysdale ~ The Capitol Hillbillies (2016)
Mugsy ~ Speakeasy, Die Hard (20th Anniversary Edition) (2016)
Emcee ~ Dr. Jackel and Mr. Hype (2017 revival)